Carebot at NICAR 2016

The Carebot crew, Livia and Matt (we’ll miss you Brian!), will be at NICAR in Denver, CO this March 9-13. Hit them up if you’d like to learn more about Carebot, see example and ask questions.

Want to talk about meaningful metrics for journalism?

On Friday, March 11 Matt will facilitate a discussion under the conversations track on this very topic! Bring your ideas and good manners to explore things like:

  • What’s success in journalism? From the perspective of the end user, the journalist, the news organization, the industry. Are these very different definitions? Are they hard/easy to assess?
  • Is every piece of journalism comparable to another piece of journalism? Are there metrics used to determine success/performance for a piece of journalism applicable to all formats of storytelling?
  • What metrics are you using today and what do they tell you?
  • What are things you want to know but have no answers to because there are no ways to measures the answer?
  • What metrics (measures and indicators) are used in your work setting; which ones make sense and why, and how some can be inappropriate/misleading.
  • What tools/sources do you use to access metrics? How do they fit with your workflow?

Be there!

Livia Labate

Written on March 10, 2016